Advanced Yoga Studies and 200 Teacher Training Program

This program brings students closer to the higher teachings of yoga. Throughout the program each individual will experience their own refining of their own relationship with yoga and life. This personal approach, development and practice will serve as the foundation for skillful teaching. This program is appropriate for students who are wanting to advance their own personal practice and those seeking to become a certified yoga teacher.

Yogali has been offering an RYT 200 hour teacher training program since 2014. This program has uplifted individuals to take their life to new dimensions through the teachings and practice of the Vedic Sciences. This training is not limited to any one particular style and instead focuses on universal principles. We will explore different methods and intensities of practice. Upon graduation, armed with the core principles of yoga, students will be able to skillfully teach a wide variety of practice methods.

Students will learn how to safely and effectively structure a physical sequence based on individual Ayurvedic constitution and understanding of basic Ayurvedic and seasonal principles. Students will learn the energetics of sequencing along with the biomechanics associated with moving the body.

Yogali Advanced Yoga Studies and Teacher Training program offer an opportunity to expand your consciousness and ultimately transform yourself from the inside out. “Change yourself and you change the world.” Is at the heart of this practice. Whether your intention is to take your yoga practice deeper, to enhance spiritual development or to become a yoga teacher, this program will support you on this path of self awareness.

This program is led by lead teacher and studio owner Ali Nohinek and Ayurvedic Practitioner James Nohinek. We will also highlight a few other guest teachers throughout this almost year long journey into yourself through yourself.


Weekend 7- November 16th and 17th

Weekend 8-December 14th and 15th

Weekend 9- January 4th and 5th

Weekend 10- February 8th and 9th

Weekend 11-March 7th and 8th                                                                                    

Weekend 12-April 4th and 5th

In between every monthly meet up we will meet up using Video Chat for to reinforce and re-integrate the teachings

Each Weekend: Totaling 13 Hours

Friday: 6-9pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 8a-1pm

Weekend 1- June 1st and June 2nd

Weekend 2- June 29th and 30th

Weekend 3- July 27th and 28th

Weekend 4- August 17th and 18th

Weekend 5-September 7th and 8th

Weekend 6-October 5th and 6th



  • History of Yoga

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics of Movement

  • Sanskrit and Mantra

  • Ayurveda

  • Pranayama and Pratyahara

  • Meditation

  • Energetics of Sequencing: Vinyasa Krama

  • Energetics including: The Nadis, Gunas, Chakras and Prana Vayus

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra, Restorative, Yin & Kundalini

  • Teaching Yoga Fundamentals

    • Practice Teaching

    • Demonstration

    • Cueing and Verbal Assists

  • Teaching Special Populations

  • The Business of Yoga

Program Pricing

The pricing of this program is $3600. The entire portion of the program should be paid in full by October 6th.

Please fill out our application and send to After you have been accepted into our program, you will be asked to pay the $500 deposit.

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