What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine is the traditional medicine of India and is the oldest system of health care in the world. It has been practiced for at least 5,000 years and is both preventative and curative.

Ayurveda holds a unique standard of health. Health is not defined as the absence of disease. Health is defined as the best state possible. The optimal state of being is the goal of Ayurveda. This is absolute vibrant health and it is marked by the longest life possible, strength, energy and calmness.

This perspective gives a person a powerful lens in which to view there body. Subtle signs are revealed when a person is measured against “perfect health.” This creates a powerful system of preventative medicine. An individual equipped with Ayurveda holds the key to preventing disease and extending life.

The ayurvedic approach is to arm individuals with the responsibility of their health. You have the ability to respond when you accept responsibility. A person takes control of their health in this way.

 The essence of our life lies within our lifestyle, and our habits. These contain the source of good health or disease. Food and lifestyle is the focus of Ayurveda. They are very often the root cause of our problems and they are the hardest things to change. Health should not be dependent on drugs and herbs. Those things should be temporary. Health should be maintained at the roots. Ayurvedic counseling creates a gentle pathway to create health at our roots. Guidance is tailored to each individual. Each individual is met where they are without judgement. Life is actually very forgiving when you learn Ayurveda. The role of the counselor is to show you that  Health is created in a gentle guided manner that is tailored to the unique individual. The role of the Ayurveda counselor is  to make this path easy, fun and tasty. 


  • gathering information to create an in depth picture of the individual's life.

  • Planning and implementing a pathway to health.

  • On going creative support to overcome challenges

  • continuing to provide new ways of enhancing health.

The best results occur with an ongoing relationship.

Family Roots Medicine is natural health care consulting practice. This practice uses the system of Ayurveda Medicine to promote the proper use of food, lifestyle and herbs to create the best environment for healing to take place. It is both preventative and curative and is a compliment to conventional medicine.