We are very excited to announce that starting June 19th we will transition from an open class schedule to a semester format.  We will be offering a variety of classes for you to choose from based on YOUR interest and experience.

Why this transition? At Yogali we strive to be much more than a yoga studio offering exercise classes. Our intention is to offer a more profound and well-rounded yoga experience.  The ancient yogic tools are vast, and we intend to create an environment where we can relay these more sustainably.

The community we have at the studio is one of our greatest fortunes. We are incredibly blessed to have the loving community that we have. We are dedicated to taking a more active role in assisting our community toward personal growth. This is our core reason for changing to a semester format.  Our intention is to create a stronger culture of self-awareness, discipline and healthy living.

FIVE MAJOR PERKS of a semester format are:

1. Increased Accountability. Lets face it, when you commit to a series of classes in advance, you are much more likely to attend.

2. More relevant material. Studies show that retention is exponentially greater when material is relevant. When you get to choose the classes that excite you, you will learn more.

3. Measurable results. All of the content will be cumulative in nature throughout the semester, which will yield more quantifiable results.

4. Building Community: Starting and ending with the same group builds a deeper sense of community and support. 

5. More individualized attention. Committing to a series format creates the structure for the instructor to assess student's progress and in return allow for focused individualized attention.

There will still be two drop-in classes per week! 

Hatha Yoga Monday Evening at 7pm with the amazing Kara Nugent with over 400 hours of Yoga teacher training experience and a heart of love and gold.  About Kara: "I have seen this woman transform from a cool lady to be around to a woman that lights up a room with her grace, beauty and smile. I love taking Kara's class because I always learn something new that I can use in my own classes and practice."-Ali Nohinek $17.00 Drop-In

Gentle Yoga- Every Saturday Join Ali for a gentle yoga class from 11-12:15pm.  $17

JUNE 11th-June 18th The Studio will be closed.