Ayurveda and You: LUNCH TIME


Ayurveda and You: LUNCH TIME


Ayurveda and You


Join James and Ali for lunch!  We will be eating an Ayurvedic meal and do so in an Ayurvedic way.  The workshop will begin with a short discussion about the meal, what it is and how the meal should be eaten. Following meal time we will cover:

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • What are the three doshas?
  • The 3-seasons diet as recommended by Dr. Doulliard 
  • How to use this insight to create balance for yourself on a daily basis

Saturday, October 21st from 1:15-3:15pm with James Nohinek Ayurvedic Counselor, Educator and Student of Ayurvedic Medicine and Ali, wife of James and Ayurvedic Specialist! 

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