Ali Nohinek BS 500 RYT

Yoga Therapist through Tantra Vaya

Intrigued by the idea of drawing inward, I took my first yoga class at a gym in High school. Awkward and out of balance, I felt like a fish out of water.  Something about the challenge drew me back in. I have been practicing yoga regularly for a decade. Growing up, I was labeled ADHD, depressed and bi-polar and was on medicine for the majority of my teenage years. One day I got myself off meds cold turkey and decided that I didn't need these labels any longer.  I realize now that we are what we eat,  how we move and what we think.  We are limited or nurtured by all of these factors.  Yoga is the process of becoming more aware and I am a humble and forever a student of this practice for those reasons.  After a decade of practice, I am only scratching the surface of this ancient lineage.  For the past couple of years, since my husband, James(mentioned below) has been studying Ayurvedic Medicine, I have been able to take my practice of yoga to the next level.  In fact, I feel like I was fooling myself before.  I am sure I will continue to feel this way as time passes.  Our mat is a mirror to ourselves.  We can see aspects that we like and do not like, it is my goal to gently and humbly relay these teachings with as much integrity as possible.  

I am passionate about biomechanics, Ayurveda, yoga and the mind.  When I am not doing yoga, teaching, doing a private or a thai massage, or writing things like this, I am with my kiddos and husband. 

I offer thai body work, private yoga sessions and courses! 


James Nohinek 500 CYT and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

It fills me up to see impactful shifts happen for people. I have studied yoga and Ayurvedic medicine for the past 5 years and both of these have the power to move people toward greater health, energy and happiness. I teach yoga, meditation and Ayurveda to groups through our classes and workshops. I also work with individuals to create and refine an impactful meditation and yoga practice.

As a Ayurvedic practitioner I work with individuals to implement natural medicine. This system is both preventative and curative. It has the ability to effect powerful change toward healing and greater health. I love to see people realize how easy change can be and how the body seems to run towards optimal health.


Dena Mangrum

I began practicing yoga when a VHS tape was the most accessible way to practice. I “did” yoga to gain flexibility and knew nothing of the body/mind benefits that yoga has to offer. So, it was an on again, off again relationship for many years until 2012 when getting healthy became a priority. Now, to say I was out of shape was an understatement because I had skipped the gym and healthy eating altogether for many years but even worse, I was taking on too much and wearing myself down mentally and emotionally too. I was living it up working in the liquor industry and it was taking its toll on my body so I made a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy.

While searching for ways to support my new healthy lifestyle, I read an article that suggested yoga to improve body alignment issues. I was intrigued because an injury as a child resulted in the loss of half of my foot. This injury does not prevent me from walking or inhibit most movement but loosing my toes means loosing muscle tone, which has lead to some hip and leg misalignment. This alignment issue has caused hip pain since my 20’s and this article gave me hope that the daily pain could be eliminated or at least lessened.

Although my injury also presented some potential issues with performing the poses, I promptly began trying out local studios and it was not long before I was practicing daily, either at home or in the studio. Within months, I learned that with simple modifications I could practice the poses with ease. My body was changing and I was feeling more mobility, strength, peace, and less stress. Greater still, the hip pain was gone!

The physical benefits of yoga as been tremendous for me but I am also grateful for the balance that practicing yoga has brought into my life. When I began understanding the body/mind connection and incorporating stillness and meditation my practice deepened. At that time, my life took on a new calmness that has not only improved my health but seeped into the lives of my children as well. Seeing my son’s lives benefiting in a positive way has been the greatest joy.

Yoga styles can be personal to each instructor and I would describe mine as diverse. My practice and teaching has been greatly influenced by my power vinyasa practice, my alignment based and Iyengar inspired training and workshops with teachers such as Tias Little, Rodney Yee and Julie Gudemestad. I completed my 200 HR YTT through the Dallas Yoga Center studying anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, alignment, restorative, assisting and vinyasa. I am also inspired by and continue to learn from the beautiful yoga community in Fort Worth.

As a teacher, my goal is to provide a creative space for students to explore and discover their own path in yoga. I want to offer body positive classes that inspire students to be inquisitive and curious and not only develop physically but feel the freedom and encouragement to explore an inward journey. I feel blessed each day that I can get onto (and up from) the mat and I welcome all to join me there.


Amy Dell 500 RYT

Amy Dell is thrilled to be sharing at Yogali this summer, she loves our sweet space dearly and treasures the Yogali family. Amy completed her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Shala in Lubbock in 2015, with a focus on traditional Hatha Yoga, as well as Yin & Ashtanga Yoga. Amy has since completed basic & advanced Yin Yoga training through Yoga Yoga Westlake in Austin, and has also completed 220 hour KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. She is currently working towards 3oo hour Yoga Teacher Training through Indra's Grace Yoga Weatherford.
“The yoga practices I have experienced on my mat have permeated my life & heart. I am deeply grateful for the path of yoga in my life, and for the opportunities which have exposed me to many dedicated and beautiful teachers. These ancient practices have allowed me the experience of walking through life with a bit more grace, peace and ease than I feel we typically receive in our constantly high stress society. I adore sharing yoga and meditation practices, and I strive to always come back to the subtle aspects of these teachings when I share class."


Stephanie Francis

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curios about who you are” – Jason Candle

I stumbled into yoga. I never knew it was more than sitting around and om’ing and I didn’t really understand that. I would practice the postures to the full expression and felt if I couldn’t do those then I was not practicing yoga. Oh boy, was I wrong! Once I decided to attend my first 200hr Yoga teacher training at Yogali, my practice and understanding of yoga changed dramatically and soon after my life changed forever. My whole life leading up to Yoga teacher training was full of anxiety, depression, self esteem issues and insecurities . I didn’t know how to live in this world outside of my 4 walls. When going through my teacher training I went in with an open mind and heart. I was eager and excited to learn all I could, and with that, I had to let go of all I thought I knew and embrace the uncertainties of the unknown. After completing my 200YTT, I moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona where I started teaching right away at Eight Lotus Wellness. It was there I had the opportunity to grow in myself, my practice, and my teaching. Throughout the last 4 years at Eight Lotus every student, teacher, and person who walked through our doors was a blessing and helped change the trajectory of my life. During my time in Lake Havasu, I was able to become certified in Yoga Nidra and attend a second 200hr teacher training. I also have assisted in two 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and soon to be a third in October. Recently, I have moved back home to Arlington Texas, where my teaching came full circle. I am honored to be teaching at the same studio I attained my certification and truly the same studio my life began to change, and back with.

I love to allow people the opportunity to slow down. Get still and to know themselves on a different level: Mind, body, and sprit. It brings so much joy to my soul to share this practice. I feel my calling is to be a light in the darkness and to shine that light bright. Join me as we grow together. Learn together and Be present with one another. Right here. Right now. Just be.


Amy Masseo

I am wife to Josh and stay-at-home mom to my 3 young girls, Madeline, Beatrice, and Clementine. I spend my days taking care of my family, tending to my property, preparing meals, and spending time with friends. It’s a good life!

I have been practicing yoga since 2007; teaching since 2011. I have been on maternity leave since the birth of my 3rd child last October, slowly building back up my own practice after the physical challenges of pregnancy and birth. I am honored to teach Ali’s classes while she is in Hawaii - such a great opportunity to re-immerse myself in the nurturing environment that is Yogali! It’s the best!