Feeling the Alphabet of the Body

An Immersion in Sanskrit & The Power Within the Yoga Posture Names


September 8-10th

·      Enliven your prana, heal your body & calm your mind with the Sanskrit syllables;

·      Open the “energetic lines” of the yoga postures with precise Sanskrit pronunciation;

·      Align the Sanskrit vibrational “shape” of the name with the posture and;

·      Deepen your connection to your subtle body (marmas, cakras & nadis).

Friday, September 8th 6-8pm

Saturday, September 9th 1-5pm

Sunday, September 10th 1-5pm

“The union of the mind/body with pure sound is the highest form of yoga.”~ Yoga Pradipika ~

Join Sanskrit scholar and yogini, Dr. Katy Jane as we learn to pronounce the Sanskrit names for the yoga postures and experience the awakening power of Sanskrit to transform & deepen your practice.

The reality is: Your body is a vibrating mass of sound. And like any good instrument, it requires to be in tune.

The reason yogis pronounce the yoga posture names in Sanskrit is to “tune-up” your subtle physiology—preparing your body and mind for higher states of meditation.

Each yoga asana contains a secret power, that’s unleashed when you pronounce its Sanskrit name.

That’s because Sanskrit is more than just a classical language. It’s a technology for awakening and enlivening your life force with sacred sound—the very sounds that make up your body and every other living thing.

At the end of the immersion, you’ll not only gain a solid basis for correct pronunciation of the yoga postures, but a powerful technique to increase the radiant energy of your practice and teaching.


If you can't make the whole weekend and still want to come, contact Ali at yogalitx@gmail.com to get a prorated deal! 

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