Radical Responsibility

Disease is everywhere. Autoimmune diseases are an enigma of our time. The influx of all of our modern conveniences and artificial light have highjacked our circadian rhythm and have left us as a society at the mercy of our environment.   It is common place to hear someone say:

  • I went to a party and there was this sick person near me and now I am sick. 

  • I always get allergies with the season change. I am allergic to pollen.

  • I have (fill in blank with said disease): its genetic!
    Do you want to know what all of these have in problem? A lack of responsibility. 

Ayurveda suggests that every disease that happens to us is ultimately a result from every choice that we have made across our lives.

Ayurveda is BEGGING us to get back to OUR ROOTS. To take our power back into our own hands and to begin to see through a clearer lens what is going on in our bodies and ask the bigger question: WHAT DID I DO to CAUSE this?

If you have a strong immune system because your INTERNAL environment … i.e. the bacteria in your gut is happy and prolific, you will be insulated from getting sick when exposed to external bacteria. This is the IDEAL and optimal way toward better health. 

Diabetes, auto- immune diseases, weight gain, high blood pressure, IBS, crohnes disease, to name a few, are all understood with precision through the lens of Ayurveda. What I love most about it, is that when understood, the way into disease is as easy as the way out of disease. The art of guiding a patient into this awareness is exactly that: an ART. It takes a practitioner dedicated to emphatic listening who can gently come to see the root cause of the disease and can slowly guide a patient out of the disease. 

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